Chesapeake Bristol Club

CBC Anniversary Sunflower Swan Creek
CBC Swan Creek Anniversary Sunflower raft-up 1989. Photo by Past Commodore and Sunflower Raft Master, Michael Nathans, from a nearby mast.

CBC Anniversary Sunflower Swan Creek_3

CBC Anniversary Sunflower Swan Creek_2

CBC Sunflower
CBC Swan Creek Anniversary Sunflower raft-up 1989.  From the other side.


CBC Sunflower 2002
CBC Sunflower 2002 – Mill Creek. Photo from the mast of C&C 44, Cerulean, by Bruce Raymond, Past Commodore 1997


CBC Raft-ups are fun racing to.


Shirley Kenard
Dame Mame
Bristol 29, Dame Mame, full and off the wind.  Betsy Plitt, Past Commodore 1979.  Ed Plitt, Past Commodore 1984.


High Adventure
Bristol 38.8, Hull 19 pointing high.  Michael Nathans, Past Commodore 1989.   Marcia Goldstein-Nathans, Past Commodore 2002.


CBC Lankford Creek 1986_Daphne
Bristol 32, Daphne. Dick Boecker, Past Commodore 1982.


CBC Sunflower_2

Marcia Outerbridge_In the Window
Marcia Outerbridge, Past Commodore 1986

Marcia Goldstein-Nathans, Past Commodore 2002, Norm Bogarde, Past Comodore 1987, Jane Raymond, Sandra Bogarde Marcia Goldstein-Nathans, Dave and Wendy CBC Sunflower, Mill Creek_30002 CBC Sunflower, Mill Creek_5 CBC Sunflower, Mill Creek_2 CBC Sunflower, Mill Creek CBC Sunflower, Cornfield Creek_3 CBC Sunflower, Cornfield Creek CBC Sunflower, Cornfield Creek. Tayana 42, Magic Dragon, Fred 0002 CBC Sunflower, Cornfield Creek - Hixon Wedding Cake Bristol 29.9, Talismasn Bill and Beryl Flynn Beryl Flynn Beryl Flynn and Marcia Goldstein-Nathans

Dick and Natalie_CBC_2010
Dick Jr. and Natalie Boecker in the foreground, Dick Sr. in the background at CBC Crab Feast 2010