Boat Barn

Whippoorwill is a 12′ Whitehall rowboat with Shaw & Tenney spoons made in Maine 1998


Whippoorwill on ice
Whippoorwill on ice. Floating dock by MAG-N.


O’Day Day Sailer.  Built 1965.  Hull  No. 1971. Sail No. 11460

Amesbury 14′ Dory, Salty Paws, beached for an afternoon swim inside Whitehall Creek


Bottoms Up Whitehall Yacht Yard_1.1
Bottoms-up and hard-packed at Whitehall Yacht Yard


At 800
High Adventure at 800 on Whitehall. Ted Hood Bristol 38.8 K/CB Hull 19. Draft 4′ 5″ board up / 11″ board down. Commissioned May 1983, sold July 2013.
1987 Shamrock 20′ Conwalk. Center console with cuddy. Ford 302 inboard with keeldrive. Corners flat and surprisingly good for water skiing.