Boat Barn

Whippoorwill is a 12′ Whitehall rowboat with Shaw & Tenney spoons made in Maine 1998


Whippoorwill on ice
Whippoorwill on ice. Floating dock by MAG-N.


O’Day Day Sailer.  Built 1965.  Hull  No. 1971. Sail No. 11460

Amesbury 14′ Dory, Salty Paws, beached for an afternoon swim inside Whitehall Creek


Bottoms Up Whitehall Yacht Yard_1.1
Bottoms-up and hard-packed at Whitehall Yacht Yard


At 800
High Adventure at 800 on Whitehall. Ted Hood Bristol 38.8 K/CB Hull 19. Draft 4′ 5″ board up / 11″ board down. Commissioned May 1983, sold July 2013.
1987 Shamrock 20′ Conwalk. Center console with cuddy. Ford 302 inboard with keeldrive. Corners flat and surprisingly good for water skiing.

Tales from two drinking towns with a sailing problem.