The Crust

It’s all about the crust.  At 800 on Whitehall, we crust our chicken to keep  it moist. Steak finished with Irish butter on the grill gets a sizzling crust on. Crusted salmon or rockfish is always on the menu here. Fried crusty eggplant with a marinara – marone!  And then there are the apple and pot pies.  The simple truth is that there is no such thing as too much crust – unless you’re skiing.

Here’s an easy to make treat with a sugar-baked crust from the Kitchen of Kevin Goldstein, Tuscon, AZ.

Introducing,  Orange Pound Coffee Cake Pie

Only 20 minutes in your toaster oven…seriously.

Wait till you try his brownie crusts!

Orange Pound Coffee Cake Pie