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Nantucket’s Opera House Cup


North by Northeast CoverTo M&M from WC August 23, 1986


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Storm Sailing is the most influential book I have read about heavy weather safety and survival at sea on a sail boat. Gary’s story telling, the detailed descriptions, illustrations and photos are a “must read” for any skipper preparing to put to sea. Call 410-263-4630 for availability.


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Championship Sailing with Gary Jobson
The most comprehensive guide to championship-level sailing has been written, once. This is apparently why there are no others. Call 410-263-4630 for an autographed copy.


Fastnet Force 10


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Gary Jobson An American Sailing Story
For an autographed copy call 410-263-4630


29 Leadership Secrets from Jack Welsh


Winning Jack Welsh with Suzy Welch


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The Big Short Cover

In fact, the mortgage meltdown was allowed to happen by the Federal Reserve, FDIC, OCC and other banking regulators. They are at least 1/3rd guilty for permitting banks to make loans without verifying income.

The lending practice they turned a blind or dumb eye to is a blatant violation of “safe and sound” lending practices. Imagine taking the borrower’s or broker’s word for a FICO score or appraised value? What could be worse? Not verifying that the borrower can make even the first payment. Duh.

If the bank regulators are only 1/3 guilty, where’s the rest of the blame go? 1/3 to borrowers who signed a false mortgage ap. 1/3 to the lenders who institutionalized the practice of inflating income on a mortgage ap to get approved.

Congress could levy a consumer recovery tax on the banks for their 1/3rd, and distribute it as a tax credit to those whose credit reports indicate a causal relationship.

As for getting Greenspan to account and the gov’t to pay 1/3rd back to consumers…”forget it”, I’m told.

— Michael G. Nathans


Building the Public Trust


Shoe Box Credit_cover
“Best kept secret in lending” – John Ulzheimer, Vantage Score